Turn Heads When You Take to the Road

Drive a custom car built by Steve's Paint & Auto Body Shop

When you drive down the road, do you want other drivers to take notice of your ride? Car customization is an excellent way to take your basic vehicle and turn it into a showpiece. The experts at Steve's Paint & Auto Body Shop can perform all types of vehicle customization.

Bring your car into our shop for an evaluation. We'll let you know what's possible based on your car's frame and body style, and your budget.

Upgrade your doors and more

There are hundreds of different ways to customize a vehicle. What you do to upgrade your car depends entirely on what style you're going for and the basic features of your vehicle. One of the most common customizations is to change the doors. Our team can add custom doors to nearly any kind of car. Ask us about:

  • Butterfly doors
  • Suicide doors
  • Scissor doors

Our creative team would love to help you take your car to the next level. Schedule a consultation regarding your customization right away.

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