Give Your Ride a New Look

Our shop offers top-notch auto painting services in your community

There are several reasons why you might want to paint your vehicle. If your car was recently repaired in our body shop, you might want our crew to finish the work with a professional paint job. Or, you might just want to change the color of your vehicle.

The team at Steve's Paint & Auto Body Shop performs professional auto painting on all types of vehicles. Our professional painters can perform custom paint jobs and powder coatings in our shop. We can also add sprayable vinyl wraps to your car.

Bring your car in for auto painting as soon as possible. Call 318-201-4566

What's involved in painting a car?

Painting a car takes more work than most people realize. Our team uses equipment and paint specifically designed for vehicles. During a typical auto painting job, our staff will:

  • Sand the vehicle
  • Prime the vehicle
  • Prepare the paint
  • Cover the wheels, engine, headlights and windows
  • Wipe down the car to remove dust
  • Spray on the paint
  • Allow the paint to dry
  • Add a clear coat

It's best to leave the auto painting to the professionals. Contact Steve's Paint & Auto Body Shop today to get a quote on our auto painting services in your area.

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