Steve's Paint & auto body shop has customized two cars for me. I wanted to have my white Jaguar customized and these are the guys who can get the job done. It was a basic white and I wanted to have some blue trim added in a few places including the roof. They will totally listen to what you want and even improve upon your ideas or recommend their own ideas. I have never heard a "no" we cannot do that from these guys, as a matter of fact you can see the wheels spinning the moment you mention an idea as to how they're going to get that accomplished. My first Jaguar had vents that were sort of triangular which I loved. I happened to mention that to Steve. And he said get them we will put them on, even though they were not designed for this model. They look freaking fantastic. They were able to drill a hole in the hood to put the new Jaguar Leeper on the hood. They custom painted my grill, the Jaguar lettering, every part of the vents, parts of the rear. They were even able to use the brake caliper covers from the old car on this new car which saved me a lot of money. They were very fast and the car gets locked up at night so you don't have to worry about it at all. They started almost immediately and had it finished very fast. They even stayed late and worked on Christmas Eve to finish the spoiler that had arrived late. Your car is very safe and secure with these guys. If you have car dreams these guys can make it happen. Steve's paint and auto body shop will quote you a good price and do outstanding work. My highest recommendation.


Janell Sadler

Good service from good people!!